Quick tips on buying the right handbag

Posted on January 20 2019

Quick tips on buying the right handbag


The importance of a handbag or a clutch as a companion is no great secret, but the devil lies in its details. There is no look that is complete without our perfect little useful accessory. But how do you pick the right one? Specially if you’re someone who’s fond of collecting these little stitched pleasures, it can be quite a task to get them right for every occasion.

Utility always comes first! Is there a really pretty handbag that is extremely tough to carry? Toss it out! You can’t ruin your evening by focusing on keeping the clutch or handbag together. Make sure that it fits perfectly for your essentials or is comfortable for you to carry under your arm or on your shoulder.

Keep it light. A good clutch is always the perfect weight for an effortless outing. If your clutch is too heavy, it might take a toll on you when you have to carry it for longer periods. Ensure that your bags are lightweight and don’t require any attention throughout the occasion!

Match those aesthetics. Try keeping your accessories complementary to your outfits. If you’re wearing a loud, shimmery dress, go for a simpler clutch and visa versa. Too much glamour might not always be glamorous!

Lastly, keep it versatile. A clutch such as a hand-stitched, beaded one, will let you fit in at every occasion and stand out at the same time. Make sure your buy isn’t just one-time’s worth.

Happy clutching!

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