Why buy handcrafted bags? Here’s what will make up your mind!

Posted on January 21 2019

Why buy handcrafted bags? Here’s what will  make up your mind!


Handcrafted products are the stand-alone works of art that are specifically crafted with love and care, directly for the user. In a sea of machine made products, we seem to have forgotten the very essence of something that comes from an craftsman’s pure skill and dedication. Here’s a few more reasons to grab those handmade products before it’s too late!

Handcrafted products have greater value. The aura of authenticity around something that is handcrafted is unique and has a special ring to it. They are art in its purest form and tend to have more value in the society.

Handcrafted products can meet your specific needs. Often, you have the option of dealing directly with the artisan and choose something that fulfills your needs personally. They can be tweaked and customised according to all individuals.

They offer a better user experience. This is a factor of both intrinsic properties, like better taste, and extrinsic properties, like the joy of finding something you really love. Having your handbag have a back story would make you feel special every time you carry it.

Most importantly, handcrafted products are unique. Unlike something that is run of the mill and comes from a machine designed to churn out dozens of the same designs, hand crafted products are unique and have been given special attention in their making. Everything you wear and carry becomes as unique as you are!

Let’s begin with those special clutches and make our wardrobe just a little more unique, shall we?

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