About Us

Who are we

We're a young and vibrant set of people, dedicated to achieve perfection in our handmade endeavours. Our vision is to bring grace, style and personality through our accessories. We're powered by uniqueness and distinctive designs and work on giving every product it's very own identity.

Clutch It truly believes that accessories, specially the right clutches or handbags, have the power of transforming your look into something amazing and we like to convey that through every one of our designs.

Launched in 2019, the brand was created with the vision and idea to empower the handiwork and take luxury to a new level, feathering women with accessories that are entirely handmade and astonishingly chic at the same time. 


How we do it

Starting with identifying a design that we believe can change the look of an accessory, our artisans do their magic with beads together until it comes to life. We give it the colour pop it requires, turning it over to our most experienced hands that work on stitching it together. The end product is a stylish, unique and classy bag which is astonishing and makes you feel special.


Entirely hand-made, we rely on nothing but our own conviction to deliver perfection at your doorstep.